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Farvardin Kala Peyman with 25 years of experience in supplying more than 4000 testing and quality control devices to industries and universities of the country



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with ISO/IEC 17025 certification from the National Certification Center of Iran under the number NACI/718


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Dimensions calibration laboratory

Calibration of projector profile device

VMM device calibration

Multi-sensor device calibration

Measurement with VMM device

Gear and step calibration template and R gauge template

Force Calibration Laboratory

Compression / tensile force calibration up to a capacity of 100 tons

Displacement calibration and extensometer (short course and long course)

Speed calibration of traction devices up to a capacity of 100 tons

Load cell calibration up to a capacity of 100 tons

Pull Off device calibration

Hardness and impact calibration lab

Calibration of rubber and plastic hardness tester Shore A, D

Direct calibration of impact testing device

Calibration of the impact test device indirectly with the sample









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