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Farvardin Kalay Peyman Company is at the service of the industrial community with 30 years of experience and equipping modern laboratories in the country and neighboring countries.

In order to receive the services of all users and customers of the brand / TQC / SHINING 3D

/ GOTECH / SINPO / ALPHA MOISTURE / can call 66919080-021 and announce the breakdown.

All our operators are ready to answer your calls and, if necessary, will send the repair experts to the place as soon as possible and will troubleshoot and repair your equipment as soon as possible.

It should be noted that all parts used in the repair process are completely original and include a guarantee of correct operation.



GOTECH Taiwan : In the field of testing machines for metals, polymers, leather and textiles, packaging and cartons


SINPO China : In the field of dimensional measuring devices such as projector profiles VMM and ULM devices


SHINING 3D -3 China : In the field of reverse engineering by 3D scanner machine with the ability to be used in molding, industrial, wood, dental, decorative advertising equipment and ..

TQC Netherlands:  In the field of paint and coating tests

 FUTURE TECH Japan : In the field of Rockwell, Brinell, Vickers and microhardness metal hardness testers


ALPHA MOISTURE :  England: In the field of April dew point, Kala declares its ability to provide after-sales service for the mentioned industrial laboratory products.

 All devices of Farvardin Kala Company include one year warranty and ten years after-sales service.




No : ........Tehran , Iran

Tell : 66919080-021

Fax : 66933797-021









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