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Bending Test GT-7071-A

Bending Test GT-7071-A

Bending resistance testing machine by flexometric method of leather (shoe upper) model GT-7071-A made by Gotech company (Taiwan

Application of the device: This device is used to determine the resistance of leather against bending.

Device performance: The desired sample is prepared according to the standard dimensions and placed in the built-in places. The placed sample is repeatedly subjected to bending. After performing the number of bending mentioned in the standard, the sample is taken out and it is visually examined in terms of defects and deformation.

Relevant standards:

- ISRI 2123

- ISO 5402

Technical Specifications:

    Ability to test six samples at the same time

    Sample dimensions: 45 x 70 mm

    Counter: 0~999,999

    Dimensions (H×D×W): Cm 30 x 58 x 50

    Weight: 60 Kg

    Power consumption: 1𝝓AC 220V, 3A

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