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Calibration laboratory



 Farvardin kala peyman Calibration Laboratory


Calibration laboratory of Farvardin Kala Peyman Company has been established with the aim of promoting standard culture and improving the level of quality in the country's industries, calibration and measurement reference laboratory. This company uses experienced and experienced engineers and specialists and new and advanced equipment with standard certification. ISO / IEC 17025 is from the National Certification Center of Iran under number NACI / 718.

Calibration laboratories of Farvardin Kala Peyman Company as one of the most efficient references to provide laboratory services in the field of force calibration, impact calibration, calibration of Shore A, D tire hardness, Pull Off calibration, dimensional calibration using national standard methods and between International such as ISIRI, ASTM, IDS, DIN, ISO is the reliability of the results and tracking of its calibration data. Also, this laboratory is ready to provide laboratory services to customers by applying appropriate professional procedures and national and international standard methods.

Farvardin Kala Peyman Calibration Reference Laboratory has ISO / IEC 17025 certification certificate from the National Certification Center of Iran No. NACI / 718 and has specialized laboratories for force, impact, hardness and dimensions with the capacity to calibrate all types of traction devices to capacity 100 tons and impact of Isod and Charpy up to a capacity of 300 joules, rubber and plastic hardness tester, Pull off machine, VMM machine and projector profile machine. has it.



Activity of calibration laboratories

The scope of activity of the laboratory is as follows :

      Dimensions calibration laboratory 

      Calibration of projector profile device

       VMM device calibration

       Calibration of multisensor device

        Measurement with VMM device

      Gear and step calibration template and R gauge template

       Force Calibration Laboratory

       Compression / tensile force calibration up to a capacity of 100 tons

      Displacement calibration and extensometer (short course and long course)

       Speed calibration of traction devices up to a capacity of 100 tons

       Load cell calibration up to a capacity of 100 tons

​​​​​​​       Pull Off device calibration

       Hardness calibration laboratory

​​​​​​​      Calibration of rubber and plastic hardness tester Shore A, D

       Impact Calibration Lab

​​​​​​​       Direct calibration of impact testing device

​​​​​​​      Indirect impact calibration device with CRM sample




What is Calibration?

Calibration, or calibration, measures compliance with standards. In fact, the calibration of the scale and the accuracy and health of the device or device is in compliance with the standard reference. A detailed description of the calibration is given at No. 4723 in the National Standards Organization. Calibration clarifies the properties and performance of the device, tool or reference material due to direct measurement and scaling


Objective of calibration


The purpose of calibration is to create a system of principles and rules that aim to control the accuracy and health and accuracy of metrological factors of tools, instruments and measuring devices and all equipment and tools whose operation affects the quality of the process. In fact, the purpose of calibration is to ensure the compatibility of scaling and measurement with global standards.


Calibration user


Any instrument or device used for scaling or measuring needs to comply with standards and determine accuracy or calibration. All measuring instruments and equipment should be calibrated monthly (for example, three or six months) or annually (for example, once a year or every two years) in the calibration laboratory. Over time and use, erosion and other events can affect the performance and results of the device in comparison with the set standards and away from the correct performance, and therefore the performance and results need to be confirmed. In Farvardin Calibration Laboratory, goods for equipment and devices are calibrated and attached.

 Farvardin Kala Calibration Laboratory


For consulting and determining the calibration courses of your tools and equipment, contact Farvardin Kala experts and use the services of Farvardin Kala laboratories.





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