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Farvardin Kala Peyman Company

Farvardin Kala Payman Co. has served to industry and research centers for more than 25 years and it has sold about 4000 test and quality control machines of metallic materials, paint & coating, plastic & rubber and metrology equipment to the industries and universities. 
This company is the dealership of below companies in the field of testing metals & polymers,  dimension controlling machines, digitizers , paint & coating testers and dew point analyzers:


Gotech - Taiwan: 
With 45 years of experiences, Gotech manufactures the quality control equipment for metals, rubber, plastic, cardboard & carton, cables and environment tests.  This company accompanies with exceeding 30 sales sites established all over the word, such as USA, Canada, Turkey, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia and etc.. 
Main products are universal testing machines and tensile strength testers. 

TQC-  The Netherlands: 
Founded in 1977 TQC Thermimport Quality Control started with the supply of test methods and instruments for thermal applications in the general industries. During the years it’s developed a specialization in quality control equipment for the surface finishing and protective coating industry. 
At now it manufactures all of the paint and coating testers such as grind meter, viscosity cups, cupping, applicator, cross cut, impact tester, hardness Tester & etc…

Neurtek – Spain:
Neurtek is powerful manufacturers and distributors of equipment for Quality Control of painting & coating industries and R&D&I, it started activity in 1979.
Some of it’s products are grind meter, viscosity cups, cupping, applicator, cross cut and hardness tester.
Amittari – Hong Kong:
Amittari Co. is manufacturers of nondestructive testing industry measuring instrument such as thickness gauge, gloss meter, surface roughness meter, hardness tester & refract meter.

Defelsko – USA:
Defelsko Co. is a powerful manufacturer of coating thickness gauges and adhesion tester (pull-off) in the world, it has been active since 1965.
Future Tech – Japan:
Future Tech is a powerful company in producing variety of hardness testers and accessories and supplying them to not only the domestic market of Japan but also more than 35 countries around the world. 

Sinpo - China: 
Sinpo started operations in 1968, this company’s manufactured machine tools and metrology equipment, such as profile projector, VMM, ULM, CMM and etc…
Shining 3D - China: in the 3D digitizing and printing industry 
Alpha Moisture - England: Portable and on-line Dew point Meters

Important customers of this company include Razi Metallurgy Research center, Razi Applied Science Foundation , Steel Test, Amirkabir University of Technology, Tehran University of Technology, Shahin Bonab Steel, Anahita Steel, Yazd Steel, Mirab, Pichkar Steel, Crouse, and Mechanical Research Institute Iran Space Research Institute can be mentioned.



Farvardin kala peyman certificates


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Farvardin Kala Peyman Services

GOTECH -1 Taiwan: In the field of testing machines for metals, polymers, leather and textiles, packaging and cartons

SINPO -2 China: In the field of dimensional measuring devices such as projector profiles VMM and ULM devices

SHINING 3D -3 China: In the field of reverse engineering by 3D scanner machine with the ability to be used in the industries of mold making, industrial, wood, dentistry, decorative advertising equipment and ..

TQC-4 Netherlands: In the field of paint and coating tests
5- FUTURE TECH Japan: In the field of Rockwell, Brinell, Vickers and microhardness metal hardness testers

ALPHA MOISTURE -6 England: In the field of April dew point, Kala declares its ability to provide after-sales service for the mentioned industrial laboratory products.

It should also be noted that all devices sold by Farvardin Kala Company include one year warranty and ten years after-sales service.








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