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cracking resistance of the leather(GT-7072A)

cracking resistance of the leather(GT-7072A)

The test device for determining the cracking resistance of the leather surface made by Gotech (Taiwan, model GT-7072-A)

Application: This device is used to determine the resistance of the surface of leather against the deformation caused by the application of force.

Relevant standards:

ISIRI 6318

DIN 53325, ISO 3379

Technical Specifications:

· Strength: 100 Kg

Niro digital display model U25

· Ability to convert units: kgf, N, g, LB, psi, kpa

Resolution: 1/50,000

Diameter of the sample: 𝝓25 mm

Test speed: 12 mm/min

Steel ball diameter: 6.25 mm

· Protrusion display range: 0~20 mm

Dimensions (H x D x W): 45 x 33 x 44 cm

· Power consumption: 1𝝓, AC 220V

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