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 The colorimeter or calorimeter or color analyzer is one of the equipments of paint and resin laboratories and industrial coatings, among the widely used industries, the colorimeter can be used in lacquer, ink, coating, leather, paper, printing, plastic, electronics, furniture, industries. He mentioned wood, decorations, ceramics, tiles, metals, etc.


 The colorimeter device is used to check and analyze the color spectrum and color spectrum coordinates in order to match the color of the standard sample with the color of the produced sample. In this device, the parameters L* A* B* for the standard sample and the produced sample are measured and Finally, the difference between these two samples is determined by the EΔ parameter. ΔE=√((L2-L1)^2+(B 2-B1)^2+(A2-A1)^2)) L A B is the most complete color space that can be seen by humans.

Colorimeter calibration

 In this model, L indicates Lightness, indicating the lightness of the color from 0 black to 100 white A from -120 red to +120 green B is from +120 yellow to -120 blue.


X-RITE RM200QC colorimeter
For complete color analysis and color comparison based on SPECTROCOLORIMETER 
For applying masterbatch and different color coatings

Features and benefits:
 - Complete color analysis
 - Increased color quality control 
- Show L*a*b*c*h 
- Draw L*a*b diagram 
- submit information 
- PC connection cable 
- Light and portable

1- RM200QC Model of XRITE company, America
2- NR145 model of 3NH company in China




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