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Melt flow index MFI

Melt flow index MFI (GT-7100-MI)

Automatic device for measuring melt flow index - plastometer - MFI
Model GT-7100-MI made by Taiwan Gotech company

Application: This device is used to determine the grade of plastic materials, determine the appropriate process for their production (for example, extrusion and injection), as well as the degree of change in material properties after the production process.
Description of test :

The GT-7100-MI device is a device for determining the melt flow index of plastics. This device is automatic. All values, including temperature and time, are set by the user on the device's digital display screen. The material is melted under that temperature and at the set time, the melt comes out of the die, the device beeps and the cutter automatically cuts the melted melt. The samples coming out of the die are weighed and the MFI amount is calculated by the user in 10 min. The device has two temperature controllers that provide the possibility to control the temperature at the top and bottom of the cylinder.

According to the standards:

 ASTM D 1238, ISO 1133, ISO 4440-1

 ISIRI 6980, ISIRI 7175-7, ISIRI 1331


Possible tests:

Determining MFI, which is the same as determining the melt flow index.

Technical Specifications:

•    Temperature range: ambient temperature up to 400 degrees Celsius

•    Temperature accuracy: 0.1 degrees Celsius

•    According to the temperature separation standard: 1% degrees Celsius

•    Weights: 325 g, 1, 1.2, 2.16, 3.8, 5 kg

•    Automatic cutter

•    It has two temperature controllers



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