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MDR Rheometer

MDR Rheometer(GT-M3000U)

MDR computer Rheometer made by Gotech Taiwan, model GT-M3000U


 Application: This device is used to determine the characteristics of the curing process of rubber compounds.

Device performance: the desired rubber sample is placed between two round plates of the device. Heat is applied to the sample along with rotational torque. The raw materials of rubber begin to cook together with the curing agent and additives. Along with the increase in the cooking time, the sample is completed and the chemical connections that are formed by the curing agent, which is usually sulfur, and in this way, the required torque increases and continues until the sample diagram is fixed. This moment provides the manufacturer with the right amount of time to cook the sample in the process of producing rubber products.

According to the standards:

ASTM D5289, ISO 6502, GB-T16584


Technical Specifications:

•    Temperature control by computer and PID.SSR

•    Temperature range: room temperature up to 200 degrees Celsius

•    Temperature accuracy: Temp.error is: ± 0.30C & min. reading of temp is: 0.1 0 C

•    Speed of temperature increase: Room temp. ~ 1900 C < 8' 50 "

•    Time to change temperature: 1750 C ~ 1900 C < 4' &-

•    Oscillation frequency: 1900C ~ 1750C < 4' 50" 100 cpm (1.66 Hz), driven by servomotor

o    Torque range: S', 1 ~ 200 lb-in / S", 0.3 ~ 200 lb-in-

o    Selectable for automatic switching or manual settings

•    -Torque unit: kg - cm, ib - in, N - m, dN - m

o    Minimum reading of torque and pressure: 0.001 units

•    Oscillation range: ± 0.50, ± 10, ± 20, ± 30

o    Time range: unlimited and can be changed during the test

o    Power consumption: 1Ф, 220 V ± 10%, 50 / 60 Hz ± 3Hz, 10 A

o    Consumed air pressure: 4.6 kg/cm2 (0.46 Mpa)

•    Accessories: torque calibrator, heater plate, feeding regulator



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