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Izod Charpy impact test machine

Izod Charpy impact test machine( GT-7045-HM)


Izod Charpy impact test is performed to measure the resistance of plastics against impacts and instantaneous forces. Impacts on plastic samples are applied by hammer pendulums with different energies.

Impact test of polymers

Depending on the type of sample, the appropriate pendulum is used in the Izodi Charpy impact test machine to perform this test. A pendulum is suitable if the breaking energy of the sample is used by maximum 85% of the pendulum's capacity. In Charpy's Izodi impact machine, in order to simulate more the sample to the natural conditions of failure, a notch with standard specifications is created on the samples by the notching device and the pendulum impacts this sample, because as it is known, the creation of defects on the products causes Speed up and energy down is broken. So, by creating these conditions, the minimum force that can be tolerated by the sample and manufactured products is determined.


Izodcharpe impact test machine

GT-7045-HM model made by Taiwan Gotech company
Application of impact testing in industry

 Izodi Charpy impact device is used to measure the impact resistance of plastic and composite samples.


 According to the standards:

 IZOD: ASTM D256 and ISO 180
Charpy: ASTM D6110 and ISO 179


Technical specifications of Izodi Charpy impact device

•    Energy resolution 0.01 J
•    Hammer release angle: 150 degrees
•    Has a touch screen in Farsi language
•    touch screen (HMI)
•    Do you have a printer?
•    Has a protective shield for the user
•    The speed of the pendulum at the time of impact is 3.46 m/s
•    Izod pendulum energy: 1-2.75-5.5-7.5-15-22 joules
•    Charpy pendulum energy: 1-2.75-5.5-11-15-25 joules




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