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Farvardin Kala Peyman Company

Farvardin Kala Peyman Company has established a calibration reference laboratory in order to promote the standard culture and improve the quality level in the country's industries. In the field of calibration, the company has an ISO / IEC 17025 certification certificate from the National Certification Center of Iran No. NACI / 718 and also has a certification certificate from the National Standards Organization as a partner laboratory of this institute under number T / 2411. All equipment for measuring quantity, strength, hardness and impact is possible in the company's laboratories.

Farvardin Kala Peyman Company has been in the service of industries, educational and research centers of the country for more than 18 years and has over 3000 quality control devices for metal materials, polymer products, plastics, rubber, textiles, paper and cardboard, paints and resins, dimensional control and Has provided reverse engineering to the country's industries and universities.
The company represents the following companies in the following fields:
- In the field of mechanical properties testing devices in metal and polymer industries, representative of Gotech Taiwan
The main Gotech machines, tensile strength testing machines, universal tests, fatigue testing machines, testing equipment related to plastics, rubber, paper and cardboard, leather and wire and cable industries, as well as environmental conditions tests (chamber, ozone, etc.). ..) is.
- In the field of metal hardness testers, the representative of Future Tech company in Japan
- In the field of dimensional control devices and reverse engineering, also representing Sinpo and Shining 3D companies in China
- In the field of quality control tests of paint, resin and coating, the active representative of the Dutch company TQC
Important devices in this field include coating and ultrasonic thickness gauges, bending test, impact, cup test, gloss gauge, viscometer, salt spray, thermograph, Poulaf, colorimeter, cross cut, applicator, grinder and. .. Cited.
Since our emphasis is on reliable product quality and good technical support, all devices include a 1-year warranty and a 10-year after-sales service.
In order to promote the standard culture and improve the quality level in the country's industries, the company has established a calibration reference laboratory. The company has a certification certificate from the Institute of Standards and Industrial Research of Iran No. T / 2411 and ISO / IEC 17025 standard certificate from the National Certification Center of Iran No. NACI 718 and Samta certificate from the Supplier Management System Management Center.

Important customers of this company include Razi Metallurgy Laboratory, Razi Foundation Applied Sciences, Steel Test, Amirkabir University of Technology, Tehran University of Technology, Shahin Bonab Steel, Anahita Steel, Yazd Steel, Mirab, Pichkar Steel, Cruise, and Mechanical Research Institute Iran Space Research Institute can be mentioned.



Farvardin kala peyman certificates


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Farvardin Kala Peyman Services

GOTECH -1 Taiwan: In the field of testing machines for metals, polymers, leather and textiles, packaging and cartons

SINPO -2 China: In the field of dimensional measuring devices such as projector profiles VMM and ULM devices

SHINING 3D -3 China: In the field of reverse engineering by 3D scanner machine with the ability to be used in the industries of mold making, industrial, wood, dentistry, decorative advertising equipment and ..

TQC-4 Netherlands: In the field of paint and coating tests
5- FUTURE TECH Japan: In the field of Rockwell, Brinell, Vickers and microhardness metal hardness testers

ALPHA MOISTURE -6 England: In the field of April dew point, Kala declares its ability to provide after-sales service for the mentioned industrial laboratory products.

It should also be noted that all devices sold by Farvardin Kala Company include one year warranty and ten years after-sales service.








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