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Viscosity cups


Viscosity cups

Application: The flow process (flow) inside an orifice is used to measure viscosity to determine the uniformity of paints, varnishes and other similar products. Viscosity cups are available in two fixed and variable nozzle models.

1- Fixed nozzle

 2- Interchangeble nozzle


 Density cup (pycnometer:

Application: The pycnometer is used to measure the specific gravity of each unit volume of coatings, adhesives or similar liquids at a temperature

Krebs viscometer:

Application: to measure the viscosity of paint and resin

Manufacturer: TQC Netherlands

Device specifications: Measurability: Ku, CP, g

Range: 40.2 - 141 KU (resolution 0.1 KU), 27 - 5274 cP (resolution 5 Cp)

 Standard: ASTM D562-01, ASTM D856, ASTM D1131




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